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Cooking Techniques in Tilapia Recipes

Tilapia Recipes at it’s best. I have been posting Tilapia Recipes and there already is quite a number of them already. But I will be adding more tilapia recipes as this site grows. I want to make it the biggest Tilapia Recipes Site on the net. So far this site has a few tilapia recipes you can find on the right, there’s the recipe for a tilapia in lemon garlic, or the tilapia in parmesan cheese, and a few others I categorized as grilled or baked.

I noticed that most tilapia recipes I encounter are either baked or grilled so I might have to modify the tilapia recipes table of contents sometime in the future, but as the number aren’t that great as of the moment then it stays like that for the meantime.

I have been looking around different tilapia recipes websites and one can go nuts actually by the sheer number of them out there. One actually would never run out of tilapia recipes one could learn to cook So this site is not only going to focus on a ‘dry list’ of tilapia recipes but which ones are best or talk about what really is different with that particular tilapia recipes I will be featuring on this tilapia recipes site.

As I’ve mentioned a while ago most of the tilapia recipes I encounter are either baked or grilled, but in my search for other types of recipes I learned that aside from baking or grilling (which are most prevalent), but there’s also barbecuing, blackening, broiling, bronzing, microwave baking, oven steaming, poaching in different stuff like milk or water, pan frying, deep frying among others.

I don’t know if I missed anything else, but that list alone of processes you can employ in your tilapia recipes you can see that the possibilities are endless.

Let me talk about each of these cooking techniques.

Baking, this is the process of cooking fish at certain temperatures in an oven. An usually the fish is placed in a greased baking pan and the usual temperature for cooking your tilapia fish recipe is to preheat the oven at 230 degrees Celsius of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are certain guidelines in baking a fish no matter what fish it is, and It just so happen that this site focuses on tilapia fish recipe, but the guidelines applies to almost all fish recipes. Make sure you are baking fresh or thawed fish. I heard somewhere, and this might end up in the tips section that it is best to thaw the tilapia fish in a bowl of milk.

Next is barbecuing, this is the process of cooking fish over coals or open flame, and as always in barbecues, it is best that the fish is marinated. It is actually very easy to find a tilapia recipe in here that has the ingredients for marinate.

Blackening is the process of coating a fish in some sort of mixture of spices and thickening agent and cooking the fish in high heat to blacken the coating but not burn it. I haven’t cooked such tilapia recipe thus far, but I imagine it probably would taste very similar to barbecued, as it can’t be helped, as barbecuing will burn some part of the fish.

A tilapia recipes that employ broiling means that the fish is cooked in an open flame or some sort of electric element at high temperatures.

Bronzing on the other hand is very similar to Blackening, but the fish is cooked in low fire, and it is the spices, like in blackening, that actually gets bronzed or blacked. They can be cooked in pans or grill to achieve the bronze or black of the tilapia recipe.

Microwave baking on the other hand is very similar to baking a tilapia fish only that this is done internally instead of externally. Microwaving makes the fish hot and only the fish.

Steaming is my favorite in tilapia recipes, I can still remember my mom cooking a steamed tilapia fish and I can still remember how it tasted like. She wrapped it in foil with spices and steamed it over boiling water. It was delicious! This can also be done on an oven, but not on a microwave because of the aluminum foil.

Poaching is simply boiling the fish, and to spice up the fish wrap it in foil with spices and boil in boiling water.

Pan frying as the name suggest is a tilapia recipe where you just fry the fish in a pan and deep frying is frying the fish from tons of cooking oil where the fish is totally submerged in cooking oil.

These are the usual ways of coking fish and you will always find them in any tilapia recipes. I specially love the steaming bit a lot as this process of cooking brings out the flavor of the fish and doesn’t dry the fish and all flavors are kept intact. And I have a fond memory of this particular tilapia recipes because my mom specifically made it form me when I was younger.