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Quick and Easy Tilapia Fish Recipes | Fish Buying Tips

(General Buying Tips that applies NOT only for the Tilapia Fish but other Fish as well)

Smell it!

The phrase “Smells fishy” is actually to connote something that is not good and that is probably because whoever came up with that phrase probably only bought fish “late in the afternoon” when they are no longer fresh, but most of the fish you will purchase would most probably come frozen. Fresh fish smells ‘sweet’, it should smell a bit different but without the strong ‘fishy’ smell that means the fish is past its prime.

Fresh fish shouldn’t smell bad.

Look at it!

If it looks like fresh out of the water, firm flesh and bright eyes and red gills are signs of freshness. The eyes of the fish are the easiest indicators of freshness, if it’s bloodshot, like say in tilapia fish or milk fish, then it might be a better idea to move along. Fillets should look bright without discoloration.

Freeze it!

Fish meat is very perishable and if you are going to freeze it for more than 2 days it should be wrapped well in freezer paper. Only thaw the fish when you are going to cook it, thawing and re-freezing is not a good idea.