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A Little Detour From Our Regular Tilapia Fish Recipes Programming

Let's talk about something else but related to Tilapia Fish Recipes

After posting a series of tilapia fish recipes, I thought of talking a bit about how I came up with the idea and the desire to put up a tilapia fish recipe site. This will not mean I won’t be posting any more recipes, I’m just taking a bit of a break from posting pure recipes and from time to time post and talk about something else that relates to tilapia fish, cooking, cooking methods, like baking, frying, grilling, steaming – and it seems that baking is the most popular among the recipes I already posted. So I might have to modify the links at the right side at (The “Tilapia Fish Recipes Contents”) some point to compensate for the would be growing number of recipes that will be available in this site.

There would be a lot of it.

I grew up near the salty rivers and seafood like crabs and wild prawns had always been part of my diet and I came to like them and they became my favorite, I will have them whenever I can. I don’t live near the sea, so these are mostly cultured seafoods. But I’m not here to talk about crabs and prawns but fish.

I really haven’t had any other types of fish save for the milkfish and the tilapia fish and maybe a few others on occasions and the only time I’ve, as far as I can remember, of having tuna or salmon is by getting them from cans.

The reason for this is that they are hard to come by, and milkfish and the Tilapia fish are readily available. And I can’t just always fry them with cooking oil, so I got a few recipes for the tilapia fish but one cannot really have them all the time and with the same exact style of cooking. The taste buds needs a bit of variety. And because of this I experimented a lot on tilapia fish cooking, giving recipes I stumble upon a try and modifying them every time I cook the same recipe for variety.

These Tilapia fish recipes do not only apply to the tilapia fish of course, you can always change the fish with a fish of your choice and see what and have a taste of what you come up with. But I prefer the tilapia for various reasons already stated in my other tilapia fish recipes post. Abut mainly, my reason for sticking with the tilapia fish is because they are readily available and very affordable.

Thinking about this made me remember the fist few times I caught tilapia fish using a fishing pole when was a kid. I thoroughly enjoyed those times and enjoyed the fish, I don’t know, it probably is because they were my catch. And I distinctively remember this one time I caught like one tilapia fish probably weighing close to a kilo.

Being young, I didn’t know what to do with it and just let my mom do the cooking. And She just fried the tilapia fish, apparently, she too didn’t know any recipe for the fish, well maybe the default stew recipe. But she cooked the tilapia by frying it and matched it with salted tomatoes. It was a simple yet tasty basic recipe.