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Simple, Easy and Fast : How to Grill a Tilapia Fish

Grilled Tilapia is a very simple recipe and probably one of the earliest known way of cooking tilapia fish or any other fish for that matter. It is said of course that grilling tilapia fish came from Africa since the tilapia fish itself originated in Africa.

Grilling tilapia fish is one of the fastest and easiest fish recipe there is, it cooks the fish without removing the moisture. But there is the question of course of how to grill the tilapia fish right (or any fish for that matter). Though it is easy to grill a fish, there are some points to remember to make sure that grilling is done right. First off is don’t put to much pressure on yourself when cooking the fish as with other activities, pressure could mess things up. Lighten up. This one’s easy. Second is to make sure that the fish don’t stick to surface of where you are grilling your tilapia fish. One way to avoid the fish from sticking to the cooking surface is to apply a little oil on the fish or the grilling surface you are working with.

Since grilling tilapia fish is so easy and quick, this makes for a perfect after work meal or in situations where you need something served real fast as in parties where you do not know how much people are attending or what time they are arriving.

The tricky part of grilling is figuring out when the tilapia fish is done. You can take a fork and the meat of the tilapia fish should flake easily and appear opaque all the way through. You don’t want to serve half cooked fish so make sure that it’s opaque and not translucent or glossy.

And there is the matter of the possibility of grilling the tilapia fish unevenly, because the other half is cooking and the top par not exposed to direct heat is also getting cooked. In this case you can stuff the fish with lemon slices to rake some of the heat off from the other side and this also adds flavor to the grilled fish.

And for effect, I really love doing this when I’m making this grilled tilapia fish recipe is to drip lemon juice over the grilling fish and hear the sizzling sound from the grilling fish, it makes me appreciate the meal a bit more. Enjoy!

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